Stop shark butchery

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This video is called Stop shark finning.

From Wildlife Extra:

Shark fisheries globally unsustainable: Researchers estimate 100 million sharks die every year

March 2013. The world’s shark populations are experiencing significant declines with perhaps 100 million – or more – sharks being lost every year, according to a study published this week in Marine Policy.

“Sharks have persisted for at least 400 million years and are one of the oldest vertebrate groups on the planet. However, these predators are experiencing population declines significant enough to cause global concern”, explains lead author Boris Worm, professor of biology at Dalhousie.

In the recently published paper, “Global Catches, Exploitation Rates and Rebuilding Options for Sharks,” Worm and three other researchers from Dalhousie University teamed up with scientists from the University of Windsor in Canada, as well as Stony Brook University in New York, Florida International University (FIU) in Miami and the

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