A Horse is a Course, Of Course, Of Course

This whole horse meat scandal happening over in Europe has been gripping – the shock, the horror, the backlash – it’s got all the elements to a great story. Cover up, conspiracy, lies and horse meat. Everyone’s up in arms about being lied to, and more importantly, the fact that they’re eating horses. All I have to say is this:  what’s the big relative deal?

Now let me explain what I mean when I say that – I do NOT want to eat horse flesh when I’m being told it’s beef. I do NOT want to start munching on horse meat as part of my healthy, daily breakfast. I do NOT condone the awful lies perpetrated by those individuals who saw fit to blatantly mislabel and sell this meat. I DO think it’s all much more benign than what’s happening constantly in the United States every day.

Chickens get dipped in bleach. Cows are pumped full of more hormones than a teenage boy ought to see in his entire high school career. Livestock live indoors, stomping around in their own feces and gas-choked air. These situations sound horrific (they are), and that’s what happening with factory farming here in the U.S. Is that really worse than eating horses?

People are losing their minds because an animal that normally is ridden is instead being eaten, but no one really cares if the slab of cow on their plate was raised in its own waste product. It’s the same horror people feel when they hear about Chinese folks eating dogs. It’s a travesty to eat a dog, but it’s almost sacrilegious to say you refuse to eat that cage-raised beef. Maybe it’s an unfair comparison to make, but I would much rather eat free range horse meat than chlorine-dipped chicken.

So, yes, let there be uproar, but for the right reason – the food industry lied. Get angry about that. But if you’re going to be angry about what kind of meat you’re putting into your body, your indignation may be better placed elsewhere.


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